You have your business social media platforms all set up. You know you need to keep them regularly updated with content but how often are you left staring at your screen, scratching your head and trying to think of something to post today? It’s not as simple as ‘just sticking something on Facebook’, you need to inspire engagement with your followers and that’s not as easy as it sounds.

Planning your social media content ahead can be time consuming and as a busy business owner, there’s nothing more frustrating than allocating that time, just to check back in and find tumbleweed on your feed. You need to see a return on the time you invest in the form of audience engagement so how do you know what sort of content to post?

Here are my top 5 content themes for an engaged social feed.

1. Share questions you’re regularly asked

If you’re asked the same question time and time again by customers or clients, then this is likely to be something that other potential customers or clients are searching for the answer or solution to. Answering these questions, demonstrates your expertise and may encourage them to follow and ultimately buy from you.

2. Behind the scenes

To you, it’s the day job. Why would anyone else care about your morning coffee or want to watch you opening an order from a supplier. It’s boring isn’t it? Well.. no! People love people, we’re fascinated by what other people get up to. Most of us love an insight into someone else’s day for a bit of escapism, that’s fundamentally what fuels the success of many a reality tv show and while what you get up to behind the scenes may not be as outrageous as last night’s TOWIE, never underestimate how much your audience might engage with this kind of content.

3. And on that note – All about you!

Who are you? Why should your audience get to know, like and trust you? And what makes you different to any of your competitors? This is important for relationship building. As above, people love people and they feel loyalty when they get to know a brand. As a small business owner, the advantage you have over large corporate competitors is that you are your business. Use that advantage by showing them the face behind the brand and having them get to know you.

4. Testimonials

Growing your following is great. Having them engage with you is even better, but ultimately you really want to convert your followers into paying customers. Reviews by previous customers are powerful and if someone has been pleased enough with their experience to have taken the time to write one for you then you really should be sharing that far and wide. You’re bound to say that your products and services are fantastic. Your followers are much more likely to trust a testimonial from someone unrelated to the business who spent their own hard-earned money on them and were impressed.

5. Hints and Tips

If all your posts are promotional, your audience are likely to lose interest very quickly or may feel they have no reason to keep following once they’ve bought from you. Offering regular hints and tips is a great way to retain your audience and build that all important trust.

I would hope that just by reading about these themes, you’ve already got inspiration for a few posts of your own, but I wanted to go one step further and make sure that you always have an idea for today’s post, saving you valuable time which could be much better spent engaging with your customers.

I’ve created 365 days of social media prompts, all printed out on prompt cards for you to keep handy when you plan your content or in downloadable PDF format if you prefer!

These cards have been designed to make posting on your socials a lot easier (the first part and the hard work – the brainstorming has been done for you!) and the best part – they’re not dated or tied to a specific calendar year so they can be used and re-used as you see fit.

Each card has a Weekly Title Theme including the suggestions above, under which are 7 individual post ideas that can be linked to that weekly theme. You can interpret these prompts however you choose – you have free licence. Your social, your way from just £15 for a full year of content!

social media prompt

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